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SR1 Label Testimonials

My company is so enamored with SR1 that it becomes the first thing I suggest to any similar companies. Backlash's constant development makes this product and business continue to thrive."

Sam Valenti IV (Owner & CEO, Ghostly International)

"The Backlash Solutions team is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Their attention to detail and overall enthusiasm for the music industry makes their services a great asset to any independent music company."

Rosie Lopez (President, Tommy Boy Records)

SR1 Distributor Testimonials

'SR1 has allowed us to expand at a very fast past by automating the whole statement process. Great customer service and attention to detail too'

Will Dawson - Republic Of Music 

"SR1 is a must, from managing contacts to issuing artist statements everything is a breeze. It saves us a lot of man hours/costs and lets us focus our time and resources on the Defend artists. Plus with SR1 we did not have to invest in any servers or any new computers making it a very affordable option."

Michael Prommer (Owner, Defend Music)